Sunday, July 8, 2007

Out and About!

Well, we are definitely getting more settled here in Washington State. We are trying to take advantage of the sites and activities in the area and I snap away whenever possible! Here are a few from "around town!"

This one is from the local classic car show, Cool Desert Nights. This is the scene from our '67 Camaro in the Thursday night open ride.

Here we are at the car show that weekend. As you can see, Alex is soooo happy to be there while my husband chats with the car owner!

This is the Columbia River, taken down near Leslie Groves Park.

And here is a pretty sunset from Columbia Point Marina.

And one more of "The Cable Bridge." I took this from the bike path along the river, and then biked across the bridge into Pasco!

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RVRainey said...

I love the blog and the photos that you have posted. Randy RVRainey Photo from Annapolis, Maryland...