Monday, September 22, 2008

Jacob's Senior Portraits

Jacob was a great subject and we had lots of fun in the alleys behind the Uptown mall in Richland! My husband was there to assist and we both enjoyed hearing about Jacob's plans to become an officer in the Marines! Since my husband and I are both former Army officers (my husband going through West Point and I through ROTC) it was nice to be able to share our experiences with him.

So when Jacob showed up in a striped shirt I have to admit I was a bit wary of the combination. I always suggest solid color clothes b/c it keeps the attention on the face in a portrait. But Jacob's outfit definitely grew on me throughout the session and worked very well, I think, on the red-tiled wall.

Here is a sneak peak for Jacob and his family. I look forward to showing them the rest this week!

Jumping Ahead!

Well there is more to share from my big road trip in August, but let me post some updates from a few recent sessions! This little cutie is Faith and she was a MOVER! She is only 8-months old but she was already crawling and definitely not interested in sitting still for her portrait!!! I think we still managed to do pretty well and got some definite keepers. We did the session at Faith's grandma's house and there was the cutest little dog there. Macy was adorable and I was happy to get a few quick portraits of her as well!