Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Family

Well, autumn is in full-swing here in the Tri-Cities! We managed to complete this session on Sunday, after having to cancel on Saturday due to very high winds! LOVED the colors this family picked to wear!! What a great compliment to the beautiful colors surrounding them in these portraits! Here is a sampling of the images I have sorted through so far.

Friday, October 5, 2007

"School" Portraits!

Well, my son had his school portraits taken last week. I have not seen them yet, but have high hopes as the company who took them is a well-respected, local business. But I just had to give Brandon a "rehearsal" the night before. He HATES any clothes with buttons, snaps or collars, so I think this sweater was a good compromise. He refused to smile with his teeth, but a nice expression anyway. Overall a keeper and I look forward to comparing it with what comes home from school!! Of course I still have to get a couple copies of the school picture to put in the scrapbook! :-)


Just look at the big, beautiful eyes on these kiddos! Cooper was very cooperative and sat right down where I asked him to, but his little sister was constantly on the move.... the only time she slowed down and stayed put was for a diaper change!