Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunny Outdoor Session!

This past weekend I had a Master Photographer come to assist me with some professional development. One of the things we worked on was tough lighting situations. These Environmental Portraits were taken at 10am - not your best time for outdoor portraits! But we worked with the light and added some fill flash and/or a reflector to make these spectacular portraits! A special thank you to Judy and Sam for helping us out on this beautiful day!

It is hard to tell in these small samples (as Environmental Portraits are meant to be printed BIG!!) but there is a twinkle in Judy's and Sam's eyes in each portrait and they look great!

Now in Ella Bella!

I now have three large prints displayed in Ella Bella! The store is located in the same shopping center as Tony Roma's on Gage Blvd, next to Costco. Please stop in to see the results as I think they look very nice displayed over some of Ella Bella's premeire cribs! These are the images that made it onto the wall!

Birthday Party Portraits!

Well, my daugther had her 4th birthday party the last weekend in February! The theme was a makeup party and each girl came in a pretty dress then we painted nails and applied a "light dusting" of makeup. As one of my thank yous for the parents I took a couple pictures of each of the girls and will print out a few images for them to have. I think they turned out super cute and here are some of the results!

Unfortuately with all the shuffling of kids into the studio I didn't even notice my own daughter didn't make it in for a portrait. (Big sad face!)