Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pretty in Pink!

My first Class of 2008 Senior came by this past week and we had a great time! Even though she tried very hard to convince me otherwise, I have decided that Heidi is indeed very photogenic! BEAUTIFUL eyes, flowing golden-brown locks, and a pink cowboy hat... what more does a girl need?

And we are not even done with the session yet - I am looking forward to doing the outdoor portion next week!

There is such a thing as too much pink! So here are a couple different colors thrown in the mix!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Family Friends.....

This past weekend we were thrilled to meet up with some old friends we had not seen in about nine years! It was great to catch up and see eachother at a new stage in our lives: as PARENTS! I was asked to capture the kiddies, and had great fun doing so!

This little guy was all business... the business of playing, and would not take a break to smile for me! Too cute!

And this is the cousin of the little guy. Seriousness must run in the family! Everyone started off playing in the splash pool, hence the bathing suits.

Then the kids came out in more proper "portrait attire!" But still no smile......

Move forward a couple days and into the studio. At last, a smile! I had a fan on her and it would switch from a high to low setting. When it was high, she would laugh and giggle......

And then when it would switch to a low setting she would frown and wonder where the wind went?!

And finally, a new little one on-the-way. Isn't pregnancy AMAZING!! I have to get all my pregnancy/baby fixes through other people these days as we are all done having our own!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's Session

This brother and sister have the most amazing eyes! When I saw Ella for the first time, I knew I would get some great portraits of her, and I was not wrong! Little brother Grady was a bit more difficult, but I managed to capture a few great expressions in spite of his best efforts to avoid me. Enjoy!

And the "always in motion" Grady

At the end of the session we headed down to the river. Here is a quiet, maybe thoughtful, moment for Ella!

Baby Cuteness

Well, I finally found someone to take pictures of here in the Tri-cities! While I am working on getting the "business side" of my business together, I still need my picture-taking fixes. This little cuttie is my neighbors' granddaughter, along with her big brother. Neither were in a smiling mood, but we still got some adorable portraits! My neighbors' yard is blooming with lots of flowers which added nicely to the outcome, I think.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Out and About!

Well, we are definitely getting more settled here in Washington State. We are trying to take advantage of the sites and activities in the area and I snap away whenever possible! Here are a few from "around town!"

This one is from the local classic car show, Cool Desert Nights. This is the scene from our '67 Camaro in the Thursday night open ride.

Here we are at the car show that weekend. As you can see, Alex is soooo happy to be there while my husband chats with the car owner!

This is the Columbia River, taken down near Leslie Groves Park.

And here is a pretty sunset from Columbia Point Marina.

And one more of "The Cable Bridge." I took this from the bike path along the river, and then biked across the bridge into Pasco!