Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holiday Card SPECIAL!!!

Well, here it is. My Holiday Card SPECIAL for this year. I will admit that this is not an idea I came up with on my own, but I have tweaked it to fit my own vision! Isn't this fun!! Each person gets their picture taken individually and any expression (goofy, serious, happy... etc) will work great! Then I will put the composite together and we are all done! While it would be ideal to have all family members together at the same time (it really is a fun session) I am able to work around busy schedules since each family member gets their picture taken individually!

So the special is 50 holiday cards (5x7 Flat, 2-sided cards) with envelopes and one storyboard (11x14 or 10x20) for $250. This includes the session fee so you are getting $350 (session fee and products) for $250.

If interested please call and set up your session as soon as possible as you will want your final order in time to mail out for the holidays!

Here are the pictures individually so you can see them a little better!

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