Friday, August 24, 2007

My Las Vegas Friends!

Well, we were back in Las Vegas for 12 days recently visiting with family and friends. My kids and I visited with 8 different families on 8 different days plus 3 more families for a park play day! Busy, busy! Here are some of the sweet faces I managed to capture plus 10 little toes to boot! And while we miss our friends dearly it is wonderful to have these memories of them that will last forever!

Here is the newest member of the first family we visited... Baby Preston!

Next we visited our old neighbors and saw Brandon's best friends, twins Max and Mitchell. They were busy playing in the sandbox but stopped to humor me for a quick picture!

Next we have Baby Christian. He was not is a smiling mood but was content with his Tummy Time! I had the front door open so maybe there was just too much to look at out in the wide, wide world!

And now our dear friends Kailin and Baby Carson! For Kailin I just placed her in front of a kiddie pool that was up against the side of the house for a nice, bright background!

And finally the beautiful Julia! I have enjoyed taking her pictures since she was born and it is so much fun to see the little ones grow up through the "eyes" of my camera!!

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